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Easy Dev Pro for WordPress (Latest Version 1.0.1)



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Easy Dev Pro for WordPress is an API for easy WordPress plugin development. Free Version can be download from WordPress.org

Features Included

Upgrades will include fixes only, no new functionality

  • Create functional plugins in as little as 5 lines of code
  • Use on as many plugin projects as necessary
  • Add a `settings page` menu for your plugin, and for future plugins
  • Supports the usage of your own `custom shortcodes`
  • Verify user `uses correct version of WordPress` for your plugin
  • `Smarty` bundled into package (display html easily)
  • When ready to deploy, require users to install THIS plugin or bundle the code into YOUR plugin

PROFESSIONAL Version Features

Includes all of the features of the standard version AND…

  • Add additional `external URL links` to your plugins description
  • Check for `incompatible plugins` on activate
  • Check for `required plugins` on activate
  • Smarty `form field templates` included for creating forms on the fly
  • Display `favicons` (ie Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, thumbs, folders, etc) easily in your html
  • `Format your html` into columns on the fly
  • Additional images and resources
  • When ready to deploy, bundle the `TSP_Easy_Plugins_Pro` class into YOUR plugin's `tsp-easy-plugins.extend.php` file
  • `Upgrades includes fixes and new functionality from our community of developers`

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