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As part of our software request process, we ask that our clients complete our initial software request form.

We need to know as much information as possible about our client’s project in order to establish what kind of software we should develop for them and the features it should have. By completing the form, we can work out what software options are most appropriate for each client and which of our software services they could best utilize.

The intention of this checklist is to establish a common understanding of the project you want and the steps involved in achieving this. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to all the questions, but the more information you are able to give the better.

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About Your/Business Needs

1. Please briefly explain why you are requesting software and how it will benefit your personal needs, home and/or office. (required)
Software can serve any of a number of purposes and fulfill a multitude of functions depending on the nature of your business and what it offers. We need to know what the aim of your website will be in order to build it to achieve its goals.

2. What is your budget for your project? (required)
Budget can be a sensitive area and we respect that costs should be kept as low as possible while achieving what is required. However, an idea of budget will enable us to steer you towards the most appropriate type of website for your business.

3. What is your deadline for completing this project? (required)
This gives us a target to work towards and helps us prioritize our work.

Project Details

4. Title of Your Project: (required)
This helps us identify your project by name, especially if you have multiple projects with us

5. Operating System: (required)
In order to develop software, we need to know the platform on which it will be built.

6. Preferred Development Language: (required)
In the future you may opt to maintain your own code after project completion, if so, we will need to know the language in which you wish the software to be developed in.

7. Target Audience: (required)
Knowing the target audience, helps us to build a user interface (UI) best suited for these individuals.

8. Software Rights: (required)
Do you want us to possibly build this software for free (no-rights) or will your company own the rights?

9. How will your software work?: (required)
In order for us to build your software, we will need to know how it will work. Will there be registration? user management? payment processing? Provide as much detail as possible, we will contact you directly for more detailed requirements if necessary.

10. Additional Details:
Please provide any additional pertinent project information if available.

11. Additional Attachments:
If you have any user interface diagrams or other user stories about your project, please upload them here. Acceptable file formats: (*.pdf, *.pages *.doc, *.docx, *.ppt, *.pptx, *.txt, *.jpg, *.png)

A Note about Software Rights

When you opt to have us create your software for free with downloads and upgrades for life, you are agreeing to have TSP own the rights to the software. The other alternative is to pay us directly to have the software created. Below are your two alternatives to software rights:

Owned by TSP

You will have free software downloads and upgrades for life. Personal use includes up to 3 licenses. Professional use includes up to 100 licenses for your company use only (license count is negotiable).

Owned by You/Your Company

You will pay a one time non-refundable fee to start your project. This fee is required initially to analyze and develop a plan of action for your project. After plan approval, contract negotiations will immediately follow along with a full estimated quote for development of your software (minus the initial deposit).